Friday, 13 October 2017

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing Your Web Hosting Plan

While choosing your Web Hosting service, it is very likely that you can commit fatal mistake if you are not aware about the type of mistakes. Here is a list of few common mistakes are highlighted for your consumption. It is suggested that you should carefully consider each mistake so that you can make a right choice for selecting a best Windows web hosting company. This is even more applicable to those buyers who are purchasing the hosting service for the first time.

Consideration To Buy Based On Price:

There will be two types of offers you will get in the market. The first one will offer you lot of discount and cheap Web Hosting opportunity. The second offer will come with provision of premium Windows web hosting providers at a reasonably high price.

The cheap offer is often lucrative and for particularly for those who have less capital to invest but want to start a good business. The reason for cheap offer is often because of the low of cost of operation and maintenance for the provider. But the intangible cost of quality is often not realised by customers. The hosting companies prefer to offer cheap service due to following reasons:

1. A Single server may be dedicated to accommodate several customers at a time
2. Much attention not required to be paid for any particular customers as there are too many customers present.
3. The customers will not be able to move from their existing Windows web hosting service.
4. The customers will be induced for entering into long time contracts easily.
5. The cost of operation and maintenance will only be for one server only and there will be no customised software or any other applications required.

However, a shared Ecommerce web hosting service may be highly suitable for customers who are not operating the business for generating high traffic only. It may be profitable for specialised business for typical application inviting a section of population only to visit the Web site. Also many a times the return is so fast that your investment cost can be covered up very easily and chances of making profit is relatively high.

However the premium service often comes with 24x7 customer support and high speed internet band for your Website. This is indeed a very valuable feature to consider. The cheap and shared service many times fail to load causing irritation to the traffic and causing a big problem to you for launching a product for your Website particularly if your business has started taking a momentum.

So you should check the features offered in the cheap service as well as the premium service and if you found that if paying a little more you can secure a significant advantage of operation of your business, it is advisable to go for premium service, otherwise you should stick to the cheap service only.

Do Not Rely Too Heavily On TV Advertisements:

The top ten web hosting company sometimes spend lot of money for producing TV ads or TV commercials. Without paying much attention to spend more for giving customers better service, they rely on promoting their business through advertisements only, creating a sense of reputation which is not genuine.

You should refrain yourself from getting influenced from such advertisement and should check for yourself the services offered and the credibility of the Ecommerce Web Hosting providers in the market.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Navigating In Website Can Be Made Real Pleasure By A Website Design

Google has some analytical metrics which decides the performance of a Website. The performance of a Website is decided by the time spent on the Website, the rate of bounce, conversions rate, and pages visited per entry to the site. A best web development company which is poor, will earn sub-optimal rating from the famous search engines like Google,Yahoo,etc. While it is most important to get an optimal rating from these search engines, it is also important to make a design which will be loved by the users and they will want to navigate through the Website more and more. Therefore, the true evaluation of a beautiful and effective Website Design will be based on the effective design both for navigation purpose and for Search Engine acceptance.

There are many ways to make a presentable Website Design which will be loved by users and also be liked by Search Engines. But if you overdo and try to follow all suggestions from different Developers and articles, the end result may not be very desirable and you may land up making a Ecommerce website design which will have no purpose and will give an appearance of a confused design. Here you will find a few advices which have been selected specifically keeping in mind the requirement of ordinary persons venturing in the internet activities.

Identify The Purpose Of The Design:

Do not beat around the bush and try to identify the specific purpose for your Website Design. Identify what is your intention and what you want visitors in your website will look for. Is your Website design is specifically intended for customer’s interaction or it is meant for transaction with the business you are launching, is it for entertainment or purely for providing information. Once you identify a clear purpose for your Website Design, you have to ensure that each page of your ecommerce web development is made with this purpose and the user at no point of time should be misled about it.

Develop and Implement Easy Communication in Every Page:

Some web design services company are very catchy, but there is no effective communication possible. The lengthy contents and unnecessary stuffing of junk materials don’t lead anywhere. Alternatively, if you can arrange to put information having clear heading along with relevant subheading with bulleted points, it will be very acceptable for the users who will be able to grasp the subject and will be able to communicate with your Design very easily. The visitors will start liking your site for the user friendliness and simplicity of the Website.

Selection of Typefaces And Fonts:

The selection of attractive typefaces in your Website Design plays a critical role to the success of your web design and development. Generally the Sans Sariff fonts which may be Verdana or Arial are very popular and the analysis of trends reveals that the users feel much comfortable with these types of fonts. In no way you should use more than 3 typefaces for your Website Design.

Images, Infographics and Videos:

A picture, chart or video can convey a lot of information without taking pages for it. You should try to put brilliant and relevant pictures for making an eye-catching and effective Ecommerce website design company.The graphs and charts if suitable displayed can be very effective for communication. Moreover a professional photographer or having wide stock brilliant images can help you use these pictures at correct positions.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Keep Yourself Well Informed About Web Hosting Business

Before discussing the concept of Web Hosting it is necessary to clear the concept of Website. Many of the readers may not have a clear idea how a Website really functions. You may be typing the Web address in your browser regularly and surfing in the Websites as soon as the Website appears in your screen, but how many of you have really bothered to know wherefrom this Website has come to your computer screen. So, we will try to explain about Website concept in brief and we will follow it with the different types of windows web hosting providers available in this article.

Normally websites operate in three ways. These are as follows:

Pages Or Documents Collection:

The original Website design was based on this concept. Here each page can be considered as a file and these are kept in a directory which will be used for the public. When you are attempting to browse a Website in your computer, it will start downloading the required file and bring it to your computer as wanted by you.

Web Application Based:

The example for this type of Websites are famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, or on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, email provider like Gmail, etc. The Web application operates like the apps running on tablets, desktops or mobile phones. The files for these Web apps sit in a directory made for public in the same way a document or page sits and this directory is available in Web Server. Your computer will be in constant communication with the ecommerce web hosting server for downloading the files required for replying your search and this process goes on till the time you continue surfing.

Content Management Based:

This type of website is based on both Web application and document based Websites features. The Web application technology is here used to simulate documents or a collection of files. Take for example the case of a blog. You may be thinking that each post in a blog is separate file. But in reality in most of the cases it is not so. What happens is that the web application manages to pick the content out of the Database and then sends the same to your computer screen. It will appear as a document and you will not face any difficulty in reading the content.

Now let us try to explain the concept of windows web hosting company. When you request your browser to open a certain Website, the browser sends the request to a Web Hosting server where the files are located. The address of the Web Hosting server will be located through the DNS of your browser address Once the server is located the request you made is handed over to the server. The server then searches the answer to your request in the same fashion as your CPU does for your personal computer. Once the server is able to pull all the resources, it sends the save to your computer. Therefore a server can be defined as a huge storage area provided for maintaining huge data base and connected to a high speed internet. A Windows Web Hosting server has got a unique address and is located in the DNS for searching in the internet.

Types of Web Hosting Services:

Web Hosting service can be of different types, which are used depending on the requirement. The main types can be classified as Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting and VPS Web Hosting. We may discuss in detail about different top web hosting company in a different article.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Ways In Which a Web Hosting Company Functions

Without a Web Hosting Service, it would not have been possible for you to host your Website on the internet. A Web Hosting Service provider alleviates the hassles for you for searching a means to properly launch your Website and make your online presence felt. The functioning of windows web hosting providers is not so easy and there are a lot of activities which a Web Hosting Service provider undergoes. A short briefing about the Web Hosting Service and the related functions is given in this article.

The Basics Of A Web Hosting Service:

Building a Website means a collection of a set of files which you will like to share with the visitors frequenting your Website online. But if you want your customers to see your Website and visit your Website, you should first enable your Website to be hosted at the net and visible to other people. Here lies the function of a Web Hosting Service. Your data and files which you make for keeping your Website need to be stored in a server of a windows web hosting company. Your Website which will be identified by a unique Resource locator or URL or a Web Address will allow your site to be located.

What happens is when you make the request, the request is sent to the Web Server who collates all data stored with it, matches with the request made and further makes it available to your computer. This closed loop operation from the request sent by the computer to the server and the response of the server to your computer happens at a tremendous speed which you might not have noticed. The Website which will be hosted in the Windows Web Hosting server can be located easily by the address you put in your browser. This exchanging of information can be carried out suitably by the use of HTML or hypertext transfer protocol.

The Importance Of a Web Server:

A Web Server is not only hardware. In fact it is a combination of the highly powerful computer with huge storage facility along with a software program which accepts the request made by the client in HTTP format and converts the request to the acceptable language of the Web Server.

An ecommerce web hosting will consist of heavy duty hard drive and with huge RAM. This also should be accompanied by a high processor. The disk space in the Web Server needs to be sufficiently high to allow customers or customers keep their data and files comfortably. The Web Server which will need to have a high-speed connection and high bandwidth should be able to perform very quickly with high speed. The uptime of the Web Server should be very high so that the Websites of the customers should be kept available all the time round the day and throughout the year. For this the maintenance of Web Server is very critical.

The Web Server is defined by an IP address and located by that IP address easily. If a Web Server fails to process or accept an HTTP request made, the error notification will be sent to the computer of the customer immediately. The best web hosting company also many times ensure that the Web Servers have enough support for providing encrypted connections as well as the user authentication process.

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Don’t let Web Hosting Companies persuade you as a gullible customer to spend money prodigally

While you have been conducting a massive hunt for searching a suitable Web Hosting Company for launching your Website, it is important for you to look at your budget also. You should be able to restrict the temptation to expend profligately without giving any serious thought of the requirements for your Website and checking the services which are clamoured heavily by the best web hosting company.

An informed and wise decision-making process calls for a considered approach to finding the reviews of the Web Hosting Companies which you are considering as the potential Hosting companies for your final selection. It will be much better if you have a strong action plan in your drawing board and have a perfect road map drawn for the launching of your Website. For this, it is important that you make your basics refreshed and updated and know the key parameters which you should look for reviewing to decide the performance of a Website.

A few critical parameters which play a crucial role in making a ecommerce web hosting service great or take it to abysmal depth or even closure should be known to you to make a suitable choice.

What type of Technical support is offered?

The great Web Hosting Services has an excellent Technical service set up. The highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team which these companies have make a distinct mark in the minds of the customers. The indelible impressions created by these 24x7 hrs technical support team round the year can cover up any other deficiency, if at all, the windows web hosting company . The tremendous amount of assurance a customer can get from a competent technical support team even at odd hours is beyond expression.

The expertise which a support team can provide the server maintenance and software problems or other applications can not be possible to be done by the customer service department. It is not only the availability of Technical support round the clock, the quality of the support to troubleshoot the problem is equally important. The response time of the technical team is another key performance indicator which can justify the selection of a windows web hosting providers.

What type of programs and protocols you will be getting:

When you are paying for a Web Hosting Service you should ensure your value for the money spent. You need to check what programs and protocols you are getting. Getting an FTP will allow you to upload new web pages and files to your Website easily.

Whether you will be able to install the PHP or Perl scripts for your Website should be cleared from your Windows Web Hosting Company. Getting a prior approval for this is very important for you. Whether you will have access to MySQL or SSH are also important things to clarify 

Secure Socket layer: 


The provision of a secured server will guarantee secure transaction in the online business. The Secure Socket Layer or SSL which is used by the secured servers are the protocol used for encryption of the data and also decryption is done to protect data from any unauthorized interception. This type of server if used for Web Hosting will make the Websites of the customers totally secure and he can use the commercial transactions more safely. Therefore, before registering on to a top web hosting company you should ensure that you have got a secured server for your Website.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bulk SMS Gateway Can Be A Very Effective Tool For Improving Education Management

Bulk SMS Gateway is finding uses in various fields for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and instant availability. There are various ways to use the bulk sms company in India to achieve the objective and increase the popularity of an organisation. Management of schools and educational organisations have found it most convincing to use this wonderful facility. The SMS Gateway can be suitably used to send automated alerts for absenteeism to the students as well as their parents, to manage the rosters of the staffs, to communicate with the parents and the students at regular intervals, to send emergency information to the students and their parents, etc.

Various other important activities can be carried through best bulk sms company by a school management very easily which hitherto had not been possible to achieve. The use of this SMS facility has been found to save enormous time as well as money while ensuring a very good communication between the students, parents and the school administration.

Student Attendance Can Be Vastly Controlled And Improved By Absenteeism Alerts:

The attendance of a student in a school or college plays a significant factor for the performance of the student. Many times the parents are unaware of the students not attending their classes regularly. Sending SMS alerts to the students and the parents can control this problem to a great extent. The grades of the students which had been affected due to periodical absenteeism have been found to have improved by using top bulk sms company facility of sending SMS alerts for absenteeism. The wonderful part of this SMS alert is that the students themselves can monitor their behaviour and can be motivated to change their attitude. Also, this 2-way Bulk SMS Gateway facility helps the parents as well as the students to send response immediately and thereby closing the communication loop successfully.

The School community gets busy and popular by engaging communication with parents and students:

The present day scenario of education makes it mandatory for the schools and colleges to be very flexible and dynamic to adapt themselves to the pressing needs. The various changes like cancellation of classes, changing of venue, changing the schedule for some special events, etc can now easily brought to the notice of the parents and the students. The need for informing the school community which includes the parents and the students have been felt very highly. A timely update to members of school community brings a lot of transparency as well as success for any occasions easily. This task of information several people at once while spending a little has been possible with the use of bulk sms India

The broadcast made by Bulk SMS Gateway can update the parents and the students regarding the class rosters, enrolment updates, a progress report of the students, timely reminders for the fees, classroom changes, cancellation of classes, etc. The education institutions can come very close to the hearts of parents and students by bringing in the absolute transparency of school operations and clarifies the doubts, if any, in the minds of the students and the parents, immediately. Also periodical reminders for the most important dates for the students to remember which is their examination dates are informed to them easily through top ten bulk sms company and this has been proved to be highly popular.

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Functioning Of A Web Hosting Server Explained

The operation of an ecommerce web hosting server is very simple. It operates in almost similar way your computer operates at your home. The only difference being the magnitude of operation, continuity of operation, operation with very complex software and operation at very high speed. These are the reasons why your home computer system is not suitable to act as a hosting server to host a website. A best windows web hosting company provided best service always.

Since the server has to be highly powerful and robust, special designing is necessary to build these types of servers for commercial use. Also building such servers is highly costly and it has become an altogether separate business of Windows web Hosting service who purchase and maintains these servers in a dedicated fashion. Lot of technologies are involved in a Web Hosting server and it may not be possible to describe all of them in a single article. Therefore a few important aspects related to a Hosting server are being discussed to enable you to have a better understanding of the functioning of the server.

The Operating System Of A Server:

The applications, the computer and the user communicate with each other through the primary interface of the operating system. The windows web hosting providers can help All of us are using an operating system. in our everyday life in recent times. When we are running a PC we are most likely to use Windows operating system your cell phone may be operating on Android or iOS operating system and so on.

Many top web hosting company try to convince you to opt for Windows operating system at a premium price. However do not get tempted to use Windows operating system only because you are running the same in your personal computer and you are comfortable with it. Please remember most software run easily with Linux operating system except a few critical proprietary software like Microsoft Silverlight, .NET, etc, which requires Windows for running. Even the Wordpress, Joomia, Drupal, etc and all other application which are written in PHP can run very comfortably with LINUX. Therefore unnecessary paying for other application is not justifiable and once you understand this fact, you can easily say no to your linux web hosting providers, in case he tries to push sell the unwanted application.

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